Children’s Riding Program

This is a small-group lesson program for children 7 to 16 years old who have never ridden a horse or are just learning to ride. Over the course of 8 weekly one-and-a-half hour sessions, your child will learn basic riding and essential horsemanship skills from experienced instructors under the supervision of professional Four-star Eventer Jules Ennis Batters.

Introduce your child to a lifetime of safe riding. We have new sessions starting weekly on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings at our all-weather facility in Queenstown Maryland. Reserve your spot today by returning a completed registration form and full course payment of $350

Helmets are provided. Riding boots are not required but low-heeled shoes are a must. We recommend leggings or other tight-fitting pants to prevent pinches and chafing. If you want or need to purchase something, here are some basic recommendations: Riding Pants, Helmet, Riding Boots, Half-chaps, Summer Riding Gloves, Winter Riding Gloves, Muck Boots. If you have questions or want different suggestions, just ask.

Sign up today by completing the Children’s Riding Program Form.